A Place You’ve Never Been, fine art object-based garment line by Elizabeth Hohimer are one of a kind, hand-made textiles for the body. Colors and textures are pieced together while weaving the cloth - just as memories patchwork with themselves into new narrative forms. Memories that materialize into handwoven garments represent forgotten places, lonely desert highways, repressed memories or lost loves. Names, dates and chronologies are lost but the psychological and textural elements of these memories linger.

Hand weaving allows the element of chance to mix with the carefully sourced materials all allowing landscape to be referenced through color or texture. In this sense, nostalgia is the ground where current desires and changes are sorted through the lens of the past.

Each thread is touched, serving as a marker for a moment in a landscape that has passed but is present in the act of weaving. One thread connects vertically and the other horizontally like the body in the landscape as the textile is woven.

The deep red of the dirt in the South, The coral orange of the Utah desert,

The vibrant pink earth when you’re leaving California moving towards Nevada, and

The blinding white of the sand in New Mexico, The intimacy of the horizon line and all that falls between it and you.