Elizabeth Hohimer

Represented by Gerald Peters Projects, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Elizabeth Hohimer is an artist from Texas, born in 1991 behind the Pine Curtain and raised in the Hill Country. She currently resides in the far West Texas town of Marfa. She received her BFA in Textiles from the California College of the Arts, with an emphasis in weaving.  

Elizabeth Hohimer’s site-specific, land based practice is an immersive study of desert atmospheres in the western United States. Her latest series, Mirage, represents an investigation of the elusive environments of Western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico. When Hohimer travels to empty spaces to make color and feeling notations she collects clays which are then used in the work to represent a moment in a landscape that has passed. 

Weaving, and other traditional textile processes are used with ease in Hohimer’s work. Uninterested in labor dialog, time is irrelevant for Hohimer, while also being the biggest element in the woven paintings. Her work seeks to bind the intersection of skilled tradition and contemporary conversation - between materials, memory and self, as a 28 year old female artist.