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Elizabeth Hohimer 


Currently Marfa, Texas

Represented by Gerald Peters Gallery

Elizabeth Hohimer is an artist from Texas, born in 1991 who currently resides in the far West Texas town of Marfa. She received her BFA in Textiles from the California College of the Arts. Weaving, and other traditional textile processes are used within her more recent site specific land based bodies of work. Meticulous ways of working within the studio serve as one way for the artist to re-harmonize dissonance. Seeing the process as such allows these woven paintings and hangings to serve as  notations of moments past. Her work is bound through an intersection of skilled tradition in a contemporary dialog between materials, memory and self. 

Interested in perception and deception she plays with contradicting the nature of

materials. What floats through the work is a sense of ethereal, allegorical, philosophical tendencies that are not grounded in reality of the present. 


The recent landscape based bodies of work consists of non pictorial tapestries or textural sculptures. These pieces serve as a type of artifact that represents harnessed feelings from immersing oneself in a color, place or emotion. Artifacts from time spent connecting oneself to the desert landscape. The suspended passage of time that takes place where the horizon line is visible seeps into this work through the lingering atmospheric notice of nostalgia from the materials origins. The moment rolls on an inherent trust that all materials embody a moment in a landscape that has passed. 


BFA, Textiles, California College of the Arts

Museum and Gallery Practices, Humboldt State

Represented by Gerald Peters Contemporary

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