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Gerald Peters Contemporary 

June 26 through August 29 2020

"Hohimer’s latest pieces evolved from the artist’s investigation of the elusive environments of the western United States. From her childhood in Texas to her recent travels throughout the West, Hohimer has felt a closeness to the land and a deep appreciation for the space and light of the region.

In these works, scale, open structure and color combine to convey the impression of luminosity. Hohimer ’s atmospheric compositions ,comprised of vertical bands in varying sizes, employ a reduced palette reminiscent of the desert landscapes that inspired the work. Using pinks, beiges and creams, Hohimer explores the expressive potential of nuanced color tonalities to negotiate the confines of the compositional structure.


Interested in conveying the transcendent, Hohimer’s compositional choices are accompanied by the conviction that those elements could reveal the presence of philosophical truths, harmony and order. These elements, more closely affiliated with painting, distinguish the work from its traditional utilitarian associations and bridge the compositions to the Modern histories of painting.


Elizabeth Hohimer received her BFA in textiles from California College of the Arts. Hohimer has previously exhibited in California and Texas. This is her first exhibition in Santa Fe and the first with Gerald Peters Contemporary. The exhibition may be viewed online at or in-person by appointment."

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