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On the Thresh hold of Dusk
Gerald Peters Gontemporary
New York, NY
March 25 - April 22,2022.

"In my work, rooted in memory and emotion, seeks to achieve a spiritual resonance that echos the sound of stillness in the high desert of Far West Texas. These works are artifacts of feelings."
Interested in conveying the transcendent, Hohimer's compositional choices are accompanied by the conviction that those elements could reveal the presence of philosophical truths, harmony and order. These elements. more closely affiliated with painting, distinguish the work from its traditional utilitarian associations and bridge the compositions to the Modern histories of. painting. So closely akin, the artist characterizes her work as woven paintings. 
Recent stylistic explorations have led to a proliferation of new works with. layered transparencies of vibrant. pigments and earth tones culminating in luminous and ethereal compositions.


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