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Painting from A Memory of A Landscape

Wrong Store

Marfa TX

March 22-April 23 2019

Elizabeth Hohimer’s site-specific, land based practice revolves around an immersive study of atmosphere, color, and the deep layers of desert space. The objects in this exhibition serve as artifacts from time spent connecting to the desert landscape from West Texas as far west as California. Collecting dirt and clays through travels and trips to cutting the textile from the loom, each thread is touched and serves as a marker for a moment in a landscape that has passed but is present in the act of weaving.  
One thread connects vertically and the other horizontally like the body in the landscape as the textile is woven. Slowing down the passage of time that takes place where horizon line is visible seeping into these objects through a lingering atmospheric notion of nostalgia from the materials to the landscape of their origins. 
The consistency of freedom, solitude and horizon lines have been mapped with colors whose energy corresponds to the spaces both in land and in the mind where they were first collected. The essence and origin of these textiles comes from the consciousness that is realized in this desert's landscape. 

“objects of an inner vision from which it is no longer possible to detach oneself, luminous like burning magnesium, agitated by a to - and - fro movement like the slide of a machine took, infinitesimal, and which vibrate, shudder and zig-zag, caught up in an incessant brownian motion, images where the straight line invested with an upward momentum are naturally vertical, cathedral lines, that have no upper limit but go on mounting indefinitely where the broken lines in a continual seism crack, divide. where objects seem set in tiny dazzling troughs of boiling iron, where parallel lines and parallel objects infinitely repeat.”
             —henri michaux [to draw the flow of time], 1957

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